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Most state tests show 90% of kids are NOT performing on grade level. Learning to Read 

90% of all Public School Parents are Wrong they think their kids read and do math on grade level but they don't!

But if they asked if their child was reading on grade level they would get told the truth which is very different. 

Most people believe when they ask the K12 teacher if their child is doing well in the classroom the answer they get  is yes. Parents believe this no matter their own income, education level, race or ethnicity.  


  • Half of the white students are on grade level in math and reading by fourth grade; the percentages are lower for African-Americans and Hispanics.  
  • Kids are passed on from grade to grade, and graduate high school on time so that's why parents think their kids are fine.
  • The high school graduation rate is over 80%, and fewer than 2% of students are held back a grade, so perhaps parents can't be blamed for thinking their own kids are at least on par with their peers.

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