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Since 1996 we have allowed the public to submit their K12 School website and edit their contact information. Founded on the belief that it is the intersections that bring the reason for authentic community to exist, the site connects educators and community leaders with a passion to collaborate across disciplines and communities for the common good and the common wealth of the nation. We wish to support Folklorists who engage K12 sudents with projects that keep the human in the humanities.

This is the first and oldest continually curated school website directory of school website information on the net. The original K12 "Hot List" has been migrated to and relaunched using Drupal and still continues to allow citizens enter and edit their school website information from your School / Organization page. We now invite you to link and promote project videos using #hashtag taxonomy.

The Robots are Coming For Your Job.
excerpt: How can you know if you’re about to get replaced by an invading algorithm or an augmented immigrant? “If your job can be easily explained, it can be automated,” Anders Sandberg, of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, tells Oppenheimer. “If it can’t, it won’t.” (Rotten luck for people whose job description is “Predict the future.”) Baldwin offers three-part advice:

  1.  avoid competing with A.I. and R.I.
  2.  build skills in things that only humans can do, in person; and
  3. “realize that humanity is an edge not a handicap.”

What all this means is hard to say, especially if you’ve never before considered being human to be a handicap.

We need to do what computers can't do. 

How Do We Measure Human Potential? How Do We Measure Human Potential?

We support creating standards that force schools to prioritize teaching students how to think for themselves.

It’s about schools’ focusing a little less on one specific set of information and a little bit more on the thinking faculties needed to be an adult.” Rebecca Kantar

Say No To College Boards SAT and ACT Testing



K12PlayGround Partners  Our Partners Support:

K12 Video Projects that evidences the art of story telling, narrative, software, music, graphic design, media literacy, computer and other "soft" skills needed at graduation.

  • The commons, the common good and the commonwealth of the nation.
  • Collaboration between Science, Arts and Business.
  • K12 school websites that link to and promote students video projects.
  • Interdisciplinary #STEAM and #STEM projects that lead out of the 18th century and into the 21st.
  • Children's play is their work, hands that build improves brain wiring.
  • Toys for Makers, and workshops that teach girls to code.
  • Learning to code and how the the U.S. Constitution works
  • Contemporary and urgent National Security public civic projects.
  • Policymakers, stakeholders and leaders across the arts in the education field.
  • Public facing #STEAM #STEM projects happening around the U.S.
  • Independent, Public Folklorists including State and local agencies.
  • Inclusive folklore democratizing and diversifying vernacular culture.
  • Folklore led #STEAM projects that fight fascism. 
  • Social Justice, Social Equity, Tolerance and understanding in context where culture takes place.
  • Community leaders and Scholars who are always our teachers and the neighborhood's greatest resource.
  • Financial Literacy Rolling Jubilee a bailout of the people by the people.
  • Meaningful Privacy Rights that rein in A.I. algorithms used to shape "21st century society" surveillance capitalism.

About the @K12PlayGround About the™

WE HAVE A VISION ~  CEO Karen Ellis 

The™ website is a place where forward thinking, purpose driven educators will start the journey to revolutionize the way we think about education. 


Children under 2 years old need to play, and use their hands to ensure normal brain development, they should not look at computer screens. Children from 3 - 5 years old are makers let them play with their hands, socialize, be makers and use their hands to build, garden etc.  Insist they have the time and tools that insure brain development. They need to have the right start or they can't acquire the skills needed for #STEAM learning down the road.

Resist Propaganda Resist Propaganda


Propaganda that is called "information" and gets spread through print, radio, TV, magazines, and digital social platforms that confuses the public. The purpose of propaganda is to make citizens of a nation feel insecure.

Propaganda is not a bug but a feature of their open social platform. They make money selling access to your data, they know how much money they make from advertising to your eyeballs.


Undersea Cable that is used to spread propaganda Resist Social Platform Monopolies with unprecedented global scale

Without any amount of antitrust oversight, they make money from stoking racial prejudice and dividing society, all while current law can not protect users from having unforeseen problems, ranging from cyber-bullying to death.

Resist Surveillance Capitalism Unethical behavioral advertising “growth hacking".

Picture of undersea cables connect the internet.



Since 1994 and the commercialization the internet the following is still true

You have to trust the person you know (the person behind the site) because you can’t trust that blue link when anyone can be a "dog" on the net. 

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. ~ Aesop

Lady Liberty We Know that .... 

  • Sharing what you know has mutual benefits. A distributed and interdisciplinary education model will endure beyond a single lifetime.
  • P2P learning reinforces learning and builds community.
  • We transform student engagement from a metric to a purpose driven culture.
  • The K12PlayGround ™  is the first and oldest on line K-12 School Website Directory in the world which started from  Gleason Sackmann K12 internet pioneer text file ©1993.
  • We the curated, trusted, authentic resource determined to help you find authentic community across the nation.

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We encourage you to find your school, or submit a brand new school or organization, update the data if necessary.  Link to your video. Tell Your Story, and Be the Change. Build the school you want it to be!

Announcments @K12PlayGround West Indian Proverbs

~ If you have patience and listen that close, you are bound to learn things.

~ A woman may be small but accomplish big things.

~ How true and wonderful: All things, both good and evil, come to an end.