The Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.® has been collecting K12 Information online since 1991 before there was a World Wide Web.

Still using the same Eudora email client FROM 1990 TO  2019
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Educational CyberPlayGround  1996


K12 Internet Pioneer Gleason Sackman's 1996 text file collected the first home made K12 websites that ever appeared on the internet. 

Gleason Sackmann and Karen Ellis
Navigating the Future of K12 Internet History

Karen and Gleason ECP Mission
From Gleason's "Hot List" © 1993 announced new school websites on the  NetHappenings mailing list ©1989 which was then migrated  into a database called the "K12 American School Directory" first published on ECP, now migrated using Drupal and published here website. Pic from

Gleason gave the data to ECP the Educational CyberPlayGround Inc. site 
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The HotList of K12 Schools and all Gleason's mailing lists were given to and have continued to be run and moderated by Karen Ellis [bio] CEO and founder of "ECP" the Educational CyberPlayGround Inc.® 
Karen Ellis carries the tradition forward still  publishing information and it's 30 years later.
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Internet Grandadddy and Pioneer Gleason Sackmann

Rated #10 on Newsweek's prestigious List of "50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet." ~ Newsweek Dec 25, 1995 / Jan. 1, 1996 

Sackman Editor, Net-happenings Mailing list launched 1993. Gleason Sackmann retires in 2004. 

American Citizens just like you and me are the "FOLK" ~  K12PlayGround.comTM   2017 


SENDIT is a telecommunications network for NorthDakota educators and students in the K-12 environment. Through SENDIT, both teachers and students have access to the Internet, and some of the isolation,' associated with the rurality of North Dakota has been diminished. SENDIT was developed by the North Dakota State University School of Education and Computer Center for use by school districts across the state. A variation of Cleveland Freenet's bulletin board system, FreePort, was installed on the SENDIT NeXT host computer in 1992. Dial-up access from terminals or personal computers to the host computer is available via 8 toll-free numbers (only in North Dakota), 6 local access lines, aud local access lines at 6 county seats and all 11 higher education sites. SENDIT can also be accessed by those having telnet capabilities. Users can access over 150 forums and state, national, and international libraries; send electronic mail; and get new curriculum ideas from other teachers. Over 25 public libraries are members of the system and have the same access as the K-12 community. The system is very popular and useful for small town libraries.(TD)

  • 1998 Sackman received the SIG/Tel Educational Telecomputing Outstanding Service Award. is launched Find Your School Information REMEMBER GLEASON'S  "HOT LIST"?

Around August 14, 1996. Arbor Heights Elementary in Seattle, WA was the 9th or 10th elementary school with a web site found in the world.

July 9, 1998 ECP migrated and launched Gleason's "Hot List" to the first public database of school websites ever built by teachers and their students. We  also allowed the public to enter school information. Every submission was vetted by Karen Ellis. This has always been a curated public folklore project found by the earliest search engines circa 1996.

BE A PART OF K12 HISTORY: The is our new home. Find Your School. Submit your school information.We appreciate everyone's help. Please register to SUBMIT YOUR SCHOOL / SCHOOL DISTRICT INFORMATION.Update / Edit your school information page.

  • WE ARE THE COMMUNITY SCHOLARS that built the net and the content on it.

Follow @K12PlayGround for announcements of school websites and links to K12 school projects .

Find every regionally accredited Elementary, Middle and High School nationwide. Public, Private, Charter, Virtual doesn't matter, you can submit it - we take them all. You can also find State and regional education organizations. After 20+ years and countless changes in tech we decided to take advantage of Drupal open source code. 

On 9/2/99 Gleason Sackman said the Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. site was "Nicely laid out, and an excellent selection of resources. I'm sure it had kept you busy, and will keep you busy! :) I checked out the Teacher, Internet, and Literacy sections. Nice job! Hope you get lots of 'hits'!

Editor Gleason Sackmann May 16, 1997 Scout Report NetHappenings Anniversary

Happy Birthday to NetHappenings!
I'd like to congratulate Gleason Sackman on four years of continuous, daily publication of the Net-happenings mailing list, over three years of the newsgroup, and over two years of the Web site. The mailing list delivers 50-60 announcements daily to almost 10,000 readers, and another 15,000 people visit the Web site each day.

Scout Report As many of you may know, Gleason produced Net-happenings as a volunteer for over two years, and only in the last 18 months has become an employee of the The Scout Report Internet Scout Project and the InterNIC. We're proud to have him and his work, and wish him many more years of continued success.


Tax Payers and Teachers are our Hero's PERSPECTIVE

What made Apple and Microsoft big companies?

The K12 Department of Education got  money from our School Taxes and gave it to every K12 School District in the United States to buy their products. Your School Taxes built those companies.
Our Public School District Teachers wired the schools, bought their hardware and software The tax payer built these companies and public school TEACHERS  then trained their workforce!

In solidarity there is strength.


1991 #EDTECH  EDTECH mailing list Discussion Logs started February 1989

TIM BERNERS LEE created the WORLD WIDE WEB March 12, 1989. This system allowed documents and sites to connect via the Internet.@timberners_lee 

Tim Berners-Lee demonstrates the WWW World Wide Web to delegates at the Hypertext Conference 1991.

Theodor Holm Nelson PhD Founder of computer hypertext, 1960

2018 Computer History Museum Makes the Eudora Email Client Source Code Available to the Public.  Early successful email client is released by Computer History Museum’s Center for Software History.

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- MSNBC Web Picks 11/1999 : The Educational CyberPlayGround: A helpful resource to teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and even those with little or no on-line experience, to use the Internet effectively to aid teaching.

- USA Today BEST BETS AWARD FOR EDUCATORS  01-09-1999 The Educational CyberPlayGround provides teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and regular folks a "webliography" of links to educational resources in a wide range of subjects. With a cool choice of site maps to browse from.

- New York Times Site Of The Day 5/2000

- Macworld High-Quality Education on the Web 50 of the Best Sites and A IS FOR ART 2000