We invite anyone that represents a State, Regional, or local folklife organization to add their info to the site.
If a folklorist is interested in leading an Interdisciplinary K12 Folklore Project we can announce this and encourage schools and students in the U.S. and territories to participate across the nation. We want to promote schools and their student's who work with a project to link their video from their school information page Using #hashtags so everyone can find it.

Folklife is the tip of the curriculum spear: project based learning emphasizes: fieldwork, documentation, service learning, storytelling, technology and community. Personal projects motivate students who experience an authentic learning experience that transforms the subject matter by using  all the needed skills for the job market.

It is our hope that  the site will allow K12 schools and citizens will find out about Folklife and connect with what is happening in their states, regions, and local community.

ex: #Folklife #Community #SchoolGarden #Science #Enviornment

We will review, select, and publish announcements for Interdisciplinary projects engaged in multiple sectors of K12 education on the appropriate Projects page.

We will Announcement it and schools, teachers, students and citizens can choose to participate.

Every project must answer:

1. What is its significance?
2. What is its relevance?
3. What is the impact of having studied / produced it?

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