Internet Pioneer: Gleason Sackmann 's  Launched the Hot List ©1993 the K12 American School Directory.

  • First to wire North Dakota's K-16 schools to the internet
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  • 1996 rated #10 on Newsweek's prestigious List of "50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet." Newsweek, Dec 25, 1995 / Jan. 1, 1996
  • NetHappenings, formally moderated by Gleason Sackmann who retired in 2004 then 
  • All mailing lists were given to and moderated by Karen Ellis up to the present.
  • August 14, 1996 Arbor Heights Elementary in Seattle, Washington was either the 9th or 10th elementary school with a web site in the world and started August 14, 1996

Remember ]  The World Wide Web is the system that allows documents and sites to connect via the Internet, and it was born March 12, 1989. The Educational Cyberplayground, Inc.® has been collecting online K12 Information since 1991. 

The Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. started a website to host and publish Gleason's database list of the Hot List of Schools online July 9, 1998.  Now in 2017 it's published on the K12PlayGround.com using all open source code ! ! ! 


This is the FIRST collection/database/website of K12 School websites ever collected in the world. It is now and always has been a Public Folklore Project, built by me and the folks who submitted their information - by the nation. We are the "Folk" the unknown culture makers who built the net and the content on it. 

Find every Elementary, middle and high school public, private, charter, virtual school nationwide that are regionally accredited and that was submitted.  Also find State and regional education organizations.

If you can't find your school then please submit the information yourself we appreciate everyone's help.


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